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"Il Sentiero Verde dei Bulbi" is an online guidebook of bulbs which can be easily grown in Italian conditions. Although the text and the captions are available only in the Italian language, it might be of interest to view the many pictures of flowering geophytes present in the introductory pages and in the lists of genera, species and cultivars.

In the Mediterranean the growing season of bulbous plants starts in autumn and finishes in summer. The book follows this pattern and therefore its first part ("Secondo semestre", now complete) is dedicated to geophytes available in Italy for planting in the second half of the year. These bulbs, corms, rhizomes and tubers will produce flowers in autumn, winter, spring or early summer. The second part ("Primo semestre", still in part under preparation) is dedicated to geophytes available for planting in spring. They will blossom in late spring, summer or autumn.

The reader is encouraged to first choose the season of the year and then the place where the bulbs should be planted: in pots, containers, troughs etc. or in the open ground in gardens, orchards, parks etc. Each page from which the choice is to be made contains slide shows to help the visitor recognize the plants of interest. After having taken these preparatory steps, the reader of the pages in Italian is invited to read through a list of basic notions necessary for the successful cultivation of the genera successively viewed from a panoramic observation point . The reader of the English introductory pages is directly taken to the page of this observation point . Here, by clicking on the genus name or the binocular corresponding to the various slide shows, further pictures, slide shows and a detailed Italian description with cultivation hints can be reached.  In the page of the chosen genus, composed of a heading and the text, it is recommended to use the function per vedere l'intera pagina to better view the photos and the detailed description. The availability of the chosen bulbs can then be checked.

Visitors who would like to see the pictures, but are unable to read the Italian text, should just click on and follow the instructions or go directly to the lists of genera from the page "PRESENTATION OF THE GENERA".


The completed portions of "A Green Path through Bulbolandia" are summarized in 

NOTE: In order to view the many pictures in the slide presentations, in your PC you must have installed ADOBE FLASH PLAYER

All observation points include many pictures. You must have patience while they are being progressively loaded by your computer.

IL SENTIERO VERDE DEI BULBI (A GREEN PATH THROUGH BULBOLANDIA) is free to share under the Creative Commons license specified at the bottom of this page.



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