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                                                                           IL SENTIERO VERDE DEI BULBI                                   to the English introductory page


Geophytes are plants which can be grown very easily. They have underground organs which are able to survive in stress situations and give life to new plants in the appropriate season.

The underground organ can be  a real bulb, a corm, a rhizome, a tuber, rhizomatose or tuberose roots.


            Who might be interested ?                                                 

- gardeners in Italy not yet specialized in geophytes or who have just started growing bulbous plants


- gardeners looking for help in the choice of bulbs, corms, rhizomes, tubers and who can read Italian


- everyone who wants to see images  of easy to grow geophytes for balconies, terraces, gardens or parks in Italy


- people interested in plants.

                      Did you read the introduction in English?  



All the items examined so far are included in the index which can be reached by clicking on  . If you already know what you are looking for, from the index you can access the sections and descriptions by shortcuts without following the slow guided walk along the path.

  To open the lists of the genera included in this on-line guide, click on 

                                                                 If you wish to walk along the path, please follow the roadsigns: 


It is of course possible to become real specialists in gardening with bulbs. If you have reached that stage, please visit directly our catalogues and include your name in our mailinglist for further special information.



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